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Laura Drews-Freund (guest) and Jamin Brazil (host) of the Happy Market Research Podcast
Recommended Podcasts from Market Research and Insights Industry Influencers

Insights Association Annual Conference April 4 – 6, 2022
SPEAKERS: Lisa Courtade | Merrill Dubrow | Andrew Cannon | Basil Hatto | Bianca Pryor | Camille Nicita | Debby Schlesinger-Hellman | Jamin Brazil | Julie Kurd | Julia Eisenberg | Katie Gross | Thor Olof P. | Vidyotham Reddi | Steve Schlesinger | Sam Herzing | Linda Lee | Gina Pingitore | Brooke Reavey | Brian Miller | Cory Cunningham
IIex by GreenbookApril 19-20, 2022
SPEAKERS: Lev Mazin and Kandice Coltrain (AYTM), Jess Gaedeke (Gutcheck), Stijn Mentzel (Conjointly), Dan Mallin and Joe Kvidera (Lucy.ai), Michelle Gansle (McDonalds), Holly Rozelle (Nature’s Way), Anne Branchut (Shopify), Tia Maurer (Procter & Gamble), Tiffany Lever (Kantar), Carrie Campbell
(Ketchum), Amanda Krivanec (C+R Research), Adam Walker (The Walt Disney Company), Jason Alleger
(Traeger Grills), Amanda Jeppson (Fetch Rewards)…and many more
Quirks – Driving Your Marketing Research Forward
New York – July 20/21 – 2022

(CRC) “Corporate Researchers Conference” October 26 – 28, 2022 https://www.insightsassociation.org/Events/CRC-October-26-28-2022

SPEAKERS: Anulet Jones – Sr. Market Research Manager at Valvoline, Carrie Dalos – Optum, Strategic Insights Group, Craig Worden – Pollara Strategic Insights, Ivey Crespo – Vital Findings, Jonathan Stringfield – Activision Blizzard, Maryam Mohit – Research Lead, Nextdoor, Melanie Courtright – CEO, Insights Association, Sam Pisani – Managing Partner, The Logit Group, Tamara Charm – McKinsey & Company, Tim Twitchell – Global Insights at Deckers Brands, Tracy Saathoff – Optum Strategic Insights Group, Alison Poston – McKee Foods Corporation and other presentations by Stravito, Escalent, Linkfluence, DISQO, “Big Village”, “Collage Group”, “Pure Spectrum”, Kantar, “NetBase Quid”, Ipsos, Burke, “Chadwick Martin Bailey”, GfK, ProdegeMR, and Bloomfire

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